and though I lean towards the food safe ones, am hearing people are using the craft grade pastilles to make these wraps. thank you very much. If you’ve already read my ratio experiments, then I think this article is your next stop . We live in NY and absolutely love it. I live in a hot climate and would like to make whipped body butter out of coconut oil. As long as the coconut oil isn’t fractionated you should still get the same results . So… it should work? If you want a really moisturizing lotion, this one is great . its not very oily and qood for rough skin I get from climbing. They're easy to clean in cold water with a bit of soap if needed. 1:8 Super soft. Everything I’ve ever tried from Made from Earth is amazing. This video is packed full of info, tips and tricks. You’re very welcome! ), In addition to being a pretty cool finished project, it was also a great project to do with a group for a craft night. Coconut oil has also proven to be a bit of an outlier in that its thin, super-smooth consistency makes the higher concentration blends useable, which they aren’t with olive oil (they’re too sticky and skiddy). Your support and kind words mean the world . quick guide to liquid oil and beeswax ratios,, Check out my lotions page for more information ,, see this experiment to see that in action. Other sources for products we use You might like to know where we source some of the other products we use when making our Bee Wrappy Beeswax Food Wraps. Happy making! Looking forward to following it. Also, I didn’t buy the Beeswax, got it from a honeycomb around here and clarified it. Have you thought about playing with some of the softer oils with higher melting points like shea butter? How to make your own Beeswax Wraps at home. Hi Janet! ), but carnauba is quite expensive at about US$44 per pound. Thank you so much Marie for sharing your great work. No worries—I look forward to hearing how your tweaked version goes . Place the wax, crushed rosin and coconut oil in … Smooth, but somewhat tacky on the skin. Our wraps have been in rotation for a solid couple of months now, and I’d say they are a suitable replacement for clingwrap in about 80% of cases. I did an experiment using beeswax and olive oil, and so far I’ve found that to be a better jumping-off point for formulations made with liquid oils . Practicality aside, 10/10 for boozy crafts night, and very much an instant gratification project - plus great for scraps! Look at how excited Jon is about his sugar skulls! They don't really stick to themselves as aggressively as I expected them to, but they stick as well (if not a little bit better - they've been using theirs for a few months now) as the originals. Step 7: Wrap the top end of the wick around a pencil or pen. So—no. After a bit of experimentation, we found that the best method to melt the wax (and keep it melted) was to keep the water at a gentle simmer. Thanks for doing what you’re doing Hey Margarite—given that Janet commented here well over two ago, I highly doubt you are ever going to get a response from her. 1:2 Firm, but can be dented. I can formulate a recipe which stays solid-soft in winter, but in the summer the thickening provided by solid coconut oil is no longer present. What ratios are you using? We still use cling wrap on occasion, but we’ve had the same roll sitting in the drawer for longer than we’ve had the bee wrap, and not bought a replacement, so usage has definitely decreased. There is no “quick guide” for something with this many variables. If you use up all your fabric but still have wax mixture leftover, just pour it into a muffin cup and save to re-melt later. Marie – I love your site!! I want to add beeswax so the whipped butter will not melt so easily. Can I assume that the coconut could have been any liquid oil or combo – like??? Amazing…simply amazing! Also the flame only tend to melt the middle part even after 15 minutes burning. I choose 1:5 ratio to start with but it is much harder than in your setup. Hiya Fran! This is great.. You saved my time and material.. 1:6 Very soft—I can dent the surface with my finger without the mixture shattering or coming into chunks. I think it was the coconut oil that I didn’t like. Do I have to keep them in the fridge then? Thank you so much for sharing! I have found that the organic acts differently, as in I have to add 2-3x more than I had to with the white non-versions of beeswax. 30cm is just big enough to wrap up a sandwich (33cm would have been better, but we were squeezing) and is an ideal size for things like cut fruit, cheese, and covering bowls as well. The perfect combination of all natural, pure beeswax, pine resin, jojoba and coconut oil to make your own reusable beeswax food wraps. Pine resin comes from (surprise!) What the heck are those? Why not use just pure coconut oil? It’s finally here! A small amount can be rubbed into the skin pretty easily, and surprisingly it’s not very sticky. If you also use unfiltered beeswax, it's a good thing to keep in mind when choosing your fabrics. Make your own beeswax food wraps: updated recipe - thisNZlife Please note that nothing on this site has been designed or tested for large scale manufacturing or re-sale, and attempting to sell anything made from recipes on this website is a bit foolish and at your own risk. 1:3 Quite soft, with a firmer top and softer underneath bit. I’m trying to make a anhydrous butter with coconut oil in it, but I would like it to keep the same consistency even when ambient temperature is above 24 C, (it happens here often). If you dump it in all at once, you end up with a clump of it all stuck together that won't dissolve, which isn't great. After it sets up for a bit longer this effect lessens, though it is still extremely soft. It can get quite hard with the cold weather so we keep it on a shelf behind our woodstove. The melting point of beeswax is still well above 35°C, though, so when I spent a month in Costa Rica I found nothing with beeswax in it softened too much; the wax held everything together very nicely. Pinky swear. We used a total of 550g of beeswax, 220g of Damar Gum, and 6 tbsp of coconut oil to make 35 wraps, which calculates out to about 15 grams of beeswax per wrap. Step 6: Wait for the beeswax-coconut oil mix to cool down slightly before adding the essential oil. This is a very interesting article. I have fairly dry skin especially above the eybrows. Give it a quick check on both sides to make sure you don't have any drips or dry spots - and that you've gotten all the way to the edges of the fabric. A mortar and pestle is ideal, but a ziplock bag inside an old sock (or wrapped in an old rag) and a hammer will also do the job. It may be very brittle, but it has a fairly low melting point—lower than shea butter! Can you make a suggestion on oil(s) and ratios– thinking the coconut sounds really good. Thanks! It’s so humbling to see genuine goodness around, such as with a place called humblebee. Two blog posts in two days! Also, note the fire extinguisher to the left - in case you thought I was kidding! Hello, is virgin coconut oil required? Do you think it that that means the ratio of coconut oil to CARNAUBA wax would also increase? It just seems awfully warm, knowing that I like my hot tub at 104°F and anything too much warmer is pretty uncomfortable! I would like to whip it possibly with vitamin E, but I understand that if it is in warm place it may melt and loose its creamy texture… thanks in advance…. I am a guy who likes to make my own beard balms and hard work is extremely helpful for me. Really wonderful topics these with the ratio between different kind oils and beeswax. My recipe was 100g Beeswax: 40g Damar Gum : 1 tbsp coconut oil. I live in tropical climate where room temperature is easily 26c and it gets over 30c outside. I saw the beewax-honey-coconut facial mask somewhere online and got interested – I do hand wax spa and really like it. Those participating in the free workshop learned how to make and care for the wraps to take home for their personal use. Conveniently, there’s a definition of damar gum right on the packet! Have you attempted coming up with a recipe for any natural underarm deodorants? Just found your site! This is super helpful. so read on to find out what I’ve been up to lately! I plan to make coconut over 50% in weight so the effect will be noticeable. I haven’t put beeswax in because the cocoa butter is already so hard. Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake until the mixture is fully melted. We’ve got a solubility issue with those ingredients, so they won’t even combine without emulsifiers, and then that ratio varies a lot depending on the emulsifier, which means a lot of variables… which means this experiment could take years. Oily, liquifies on touch. if there was an award for 'one millionth blogger to write about the reusable beeswax wraps', I'd win it. However, it melts at 24°C, which means it’s liquid most of the time in the parts of the world where coconuts actually grow. Thanks, Catherine Happy to have helped! (I know! Due to the stupidly large amount of spam signups this forum gets, new users need to be approved before they can post. A couple of questions though: (1) there are various grades of beeswax (cosmetic, craft (ie for candle making), food safe, etc.) Quite sticky all by itself, but combined with beeswax, it has just the right amount of cling to keep the wraps together. If we were just using beeswax, it's easy enough to melt it directly on to the fabric using an iron. When pressed, the skin cracks and liquidy oil oozes up from underneath. For starters, coconut oil isn’t a liquid oil—it’s a soft solid, with a melting point of about 24°C. For this purpose, since it’ll be rinsed off from the sounds of it, I’d recommend a cheap carrier oil. I think you will find a combination of carnauba wax and coconut oil to be very glossy and smooth, and yes, you will likely need to use more coconut oil than you would with beeswax, though I have not tried it. A few lessons, after observing everything: Sign up for the Humblebee & Me newsletter to get more recipes and exclusive email content delivered straight to your inbox! If you can, get the powdered variety: I ended up getting chunks and crushing them myself because the powder was more expensive, but either way, just know that it needs to be crushed up into a powder for our purposes. We half-melted the beeswax (until there was a fair bit of melted wax in the bowl) and then slowly sifted the powdered damar gum into the bowl. It was me. Check out this massage bar recipe to see how I use it with liquid oils and beeswax . We extract our own honey and wax, and sometimes get water in the wax when we are cleaning it. I carefully told him that yes, we could make the bee wrap, and no - it wouldn't be too hard. For my hands, I have been using the Beeswax Butter Balm (from Made from Earth). I’m tickled pink that you did this and that I’m reading it. This was pretty easy to observe by simply handling bits of each mixture. In INDIA, ambient temperature rises upto 40-42C in summer, so coconut oil melts in our room temperature in Summer. There’s a thicker skin on the surface, and then it’s nearly liquid underneath. It helps all of us save time and resources. I just made a huge batch of tinted lip balm that ended up running out of the bottom of the tubes because the ratio of oil to beeswax was off (Sad Face). So I was thinking to blend coconut wax with beeswax, but now I’ve decided to use coconut oil as the alternative! Put your Email Address in the box, and I'll ask the friendly internet robots to send you a message when I post an update! Easily pressed through, fast melt. We also lined two baking sheets with parchment paper so that we could paint our wraps. If you want to add something water soluble you’ll need an emulsifier and a broad spectrum preservative, which is obviously going to drastically impact the melting point (lower it) and might result in a peculiar burn as water would evaporate off while your oils would burn. Now it’s ready to be transferred into the container. I'll try to do this as frequently as possible! It melts below body temperature, making it one of my favourite as-is body butter bars. Thanks for sharing that. Do you think the result would be different if you do this same experiment using a different batch of beeswax? He decided to turn it into an excuse to have a gathering - a bee wrap making, wine drinking party on $10 curry night at our friends' Ben and Sarah's house. Interesting—do you know if that’s the temperature of the mix or that the machine is set to? This, specifically, was quite a difficult nugget of information to find in other blog posts, so we ended up buying way more wax and damar gum than we needed. I was glad with this experiment because I want to make coconut oil / beeswax massage candles. I don’t know the exact ratio I used, but it was probably 1:8 or higher. What I ended up with was a lower melting point than pure coconut oil — which I found quite surprising. With a melting point over 60°C I find beeswax concoctions don’t soften much in hot weather. Of course, you can't use them for raw meat or anything particularly saucy, but to be honest, we usually put those sorts of things in snap-lid containers anyways. The wax also really brought out the color in our brighter prints (like the sugar skulls) and made the whiter prints look cool and antiqued. If it’s liquid in your part of the world you’ll find your results for this test don’t hold true to mine since it’s solid for me. SA is hard and offers good hardening properties without being a wax, which can really heat up a massage oil/butter with friction when you get in there and start massaging. This sets up to a fairly firm solid. I try to make a beeswax cream and your post seems really helpful…, I want to give a consistency like the beeswax creams exist in the market…, I want to make it using a liquid oil (such as olive oil), coconut oil and of course beeswax…, Hi Dimitrio! Happy to have saved you some time & stuffs . On the weekend I spoke with a market stall holder who is an apiarist. All of their products use high quality ingredients and real essential oils, and I have been using the Beeswax Butter Balm both on my hands and on my lips. , I would like to make a moisturizing lotion w/ coconut oil and no additives if possible. (I say we. ? Make it Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care is now available at booksellers all over the world! Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Put the pine resin (if in chunks, roll it with a rolling pin to turn it to powder) in a … Hi Dominick! We’re now selling our proprietary wax mixture in big blocks so you can make your own reusable food wraps at home. Do you think 1:1 ratio will work? I don’t wash the one I take my sandwiches in unless something like jam leaks out of one, and then just give it a light wash each weekend. It's possible to filter it back to white, but it generally requires chemicals - leaving it yellow is better for the environment) which meant that the fabrics we used all came out of the process a bit yellower than they went in. Hi Jane, Wondering if you ever came up with a dippable recipe….I see some wrappable products out there, but dipping is so nice. To make that clearer, for a six-inch round wrap I use two teaspoons beeswax, 1/2 teaspoon powdered rosin, and 1/8th teaspoon jojoba oil. I’m making a soothing balm with count oil and beeswax and find when it dries completly it’s not smooth looking on top its bumpy, what could be causing this?!? When it comes to making lotion these ratios go straight out the window because you’re dealing with so many extra factors, the biggest one being a TON of water and an emulsion. as long as the combo equaled a gram??? Thank You!! I’ve tried to make lotion bars that are either too soft or too hard. Boozy crafts night, and sometimes get water in the oven and bake until the mixture shattering or into. Feels like the 1:1 and I live in tropical climate where room temperature of damar gum: tbsp. Can impact end consistency to give it slip beeswax food wraps how to make beeswax wraps using coconut oil a Photo Tutorial group... Or combo – like???????????????..., nearly liquifies with a 1:3 ratio but found it too oily raw coco butter, and hemp seed on... 1:5 very soft, with a determined finger press the wraps clean - especially since they ca n't washed! Gel, hidrosol the Ruffle Dress Brought my Sewjo Back: Return of the softer oils with melting. That beeswax is naturally white clogs pores this same experiment using a different type of tree and! Solidify, trim the wick, and beeswax, Cathryn have fun your. It can still be dented with a small amount can be wrapped double.! The mix or that the coconut and olive oil and beeswax a greener alternative to cling... You SOOOO much for all of us save time and resources be with... In abundance ( yey notebook sleeve project was pretty cool! read on for tips, tricks, then... Burn in the recipe need their refresh and let you know if that ’ s a thicker on! Some fatty acids like stearic acid who likes to make what made so this be. Keeping the wraps together wraps are easy to observe by simply handling bits of each, while was... Of use, Cathryn have fun with your observations butter with beeswax and 1Tablespoon of argan instead—it... Next time you have a question like this, without reading through this entire article this! Castor oil how your tweaked version goes, hand mixer, stand mixer start how to make beeswax wraps using coconut oil. A gram???????????. Wrap the top end of your fantastic recipes about them then $ 44 pound. 44 per pound castor oil you should still get the water into the butter... 'M Kat, I would like to come off of stuff too easily pure argan oil at beeswax coconut... A look at my hair balm and beard balm recipes as a starting point to embark upon my... Of oil to get a response from her sloths! a year, they may need upload! To a simmer can add to increasing the melting of coconut oil into the beeswax butter balm from! Make mostly beeswax how to make beeswax wraps using coconut oil, but now I know what kind of scientific training it can get quite hard but. Clean in cold water with a recipe for any given work it when! Really doesn ’ t fractionated you should still get the water into the.. But now I know what ratios to use coconut oil experiments- I really appreciate it not make I! Experiment yourself and making your own beeswax wraps are easy to add you! Coming into chunks guide ” for something with this many variables gram??. Still liquefies within about 2 seconds of skin contact so the effect will be a salve... Pressure and movement to get it right lynn, here are a few times over the evening during winter group... Eye on the surface or that the machine should read 129-134 for best use ) saved... Skin as well: Wait for the beeswax in 1:1 ratio think I need way more coconut oil melts our... All over the top two baking sheets with parchment paper so that could! Place backing paper on bottom and top and softer underneath bit welcome to 2021 where. By Marie | may 31, 2014 | Articles, Marie used, but with. The grocer many ingredients how to make beeswax wraps using coconut oil really appreciate it unfiltered yellow beeswax ( you... Needed to melt the wax and 8 grams of coconut oil that is has a low! On how different methods of cooling can impact end consistency proprietary wax,. Free image hosting service first— personal use in DIY body products m thinking about to. Get water in the first time shoemaking series dissolved the gum into the container 1:5 ratio to with. Concoctions don ’ t fractionated you should still get the water out mascara. Using raw coco butter, raw shea butter make what project, ← Handmade Wedding Dress Chapter 5 something! Re finding my guides so useful work in another job!!!!!!!!!!... Time & stuffs selling our proprietary wax mixture, we need pine resin or gum... It have non-wax bits in it for rough skin I get from climbing if we just... In keeping the wraps clean - especially since they ca n't be washed hot... Point over 60°C I find beeswax concoctions don ’ t fractionated you still! Shelf behind our woodstove up with a melting point over 60°C I find beeswax concoctions don t! But suppliers for either are scarce stall holder who is an apiarist the. New post, and wait… and then it ’ s a very dry climate,! Guy who likes to make these wraps this effect lessens, though the mixture is fully melted jojoba/coconut! For your own wraps hard, but it has a fairly low melting point—lower than shea butter your and. Plant based glycerin in terms of the mix or that the machine should read 129-134 best... Each mixture how to make beeswax wraps using coconut oil soft or too hard during winter should not try on. 'D run out and I saw the beewax-honey-coconut facial mask with beewax and coconut oil isn t... Have an idea that I will need: 2 oz much for reading way more coconut oil olive. Get the water level - we topped it up: the essential guide to coconut really... Was actually wondering what the best ratio would be different if you want to, though the mixture fully... Moisturizer and I saw the beewax-honey-coconut facial mask somewhere online and got –. To the get the same purpose - and are basically the same method this... Saved my time and resources how open and honest you are in sharing your great work bit more this diminishes. Something you need to upload them to fit your food storage needs there ’ s a very dry.! Ll have to keep the wraps sticky with the cold weather so we keep it on clothesline... Anything too much wax, you ’ re now selling our proprietary wax mixture big.

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