Get it now? That is why you must throw from this position. The DK Coin is right above this formation; just climb the stairs made of barrel platforms to snag it. "K": A normal Rattly jump can get this easily at the beginning, but don't get cocky, or the Gray Kaboing will smash into you! He'll have a great adventure, so tighten up your seat belts and get ready for a ride! Shoot upward right from here, launching yourself downward right soon after. "N": Use the first DK Barrel past the Continue Barrel to bash the upper of two Zingers guarding a balloon, but can you get the DK Barrel there without breaking or dropping it? © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. "K": Fire straight up from the first Rotatable Barrel, and you're in business! He's show up in almost all the games Donkey Kong has been in, including Mario Strikers: Charged. Donkey Kong Country Returns loses the character switching system, opting instead for Donkey being the only option. The Rotatable Barrel can't reach this sky-high prize. "G": At the Exit Target, hit the target from the final cattail without bumping into Zinger by accident. "K": When the first Kruncha is crunched with the twin Neeks, time your launch from the first Arrow Barrel so you land in the second one. BONUS AREA 1: At the letter "O", hit the lower Klampon to get a Chest safely, then destroy the upper Klampon with the Chest to get the Kannonball. TO COMPLETE: With Enguarde, carefully but quickly stab every Flotsam and Puftup to win a Kremkoin as well as a Banana Bunch from Enguarde. BONUS AREA: Right above the second DK Barrel in the level (get Enguarde first!). Swim right to find the Hero Coin, but be quick in getting back out or Snapjaw will turn you into a monkey snack once you lose your invulnerability! "G": Yikes, this letter is hard to get. "K": Climb past the first DK Barrel, and then right, to the letter you seek! You can also smack Klampon with a projectile to de-fang him. Evade him, flying down the shaft below him, until you land in an Auto-Fire Barrel. TO COMPLETE: Break the Chests on the Red Zinger until you find the Kremkoin (you have ten seconds to get it). BONUS AREA 2: At the Continue Barrel, Team Throw up and into the Auto-Fire Barrel to your left. A single Banana will show which crate must be broken. She has the ability to double jump using her hair like an helicopter. Just bounce off of one of the final Kannon's barrels to defeat him and access the last Bonus Area. Help? With an upward Team Toss at the same time, you'll also snag the hidden Hero Coin too! "K": When you see the first two Jetsams (my name for Green Flotsams), keep going up and right, then stop below the arrow of Bananas you see in the crates ahead. WARP BARREL! Lockjaw: A vicious red fish who swims back and forth in a set area. Donkey Kong Country est une série télévisée d'animation 3D canado-française en quarante épisodes de 25 minutes basée sur le jeu vidéo de plates-formes Donkey Kong Country.. Elle est diffusée en France depuis le 4 septembre 1996 [1] sur France 2 dans l'émission DKTV, et au Québec à partir du 9 septembre 1997 sur Télétoon [2], et au Canada le mois suivant sur Teletoon. From the two-way Barrel Cannon I mentioned earlier, fire to the upper-left, then the upper-right. Extra Life Balloon: Be quick in nabbing them, or they might float away! Red Balloons give you one extra life, Green ones give you two, and the hard-to-find Blue Balloons grant you three lives upon collection. : At the letter "K", park your hot-air balloon to the letter's right, atop the level's third steam column, then jump and throw your partner straight up. After freeing Squawks, hit the B button to latch onto him, and use the Control Pad to guide your flight. Diddy actually does shoot peanuts, but only in multiplayer; he has to be riding on Donkey Kong's back. With Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze at last making its way onto the Nintendo Switch today, many are experiencing the latest Kong adventure for the first time.

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